Invest In Your Projects Success: Budget For a Successful FAT

Budgeting for a detailed Factory Acceptance Test is an investment in your project’s success. If you’ve ever had trouble convincing whoever makes and approves the capital equipment budgets in your organization to invest in a thorough FAT, read on… Packaging World recently re-printed an article “Roadmap for a successful Factory Acceptance Test” by Paul Zepf, […]

Thinking of Automating Your Packaging? 6 Steps to Consider First

In her article from End-of-line packaging blog, author Toni Nigrelli-LaFleur does a nice job of pointing out some of the factors to take into account when considering automation of end-of-line packaging processes (Evaluate Your Business Goals, Assess Current Packaging Environment, Evaluate Your Material and Labor Costs). This applies to wine, beer, and other beverage manufacturers, as well as to food companies. Take a look at the first three steps she outlines and then three other considerations that I might suggest.

Article Review – Green is Good But Bottom Line Matters Most

Just as I thought. ‘The real driver of behavior still remains cost, which will always trump environmental impact. This according to the report on a survey by AlixPartners, a global business advisory firm. Green is good. We all know it. The benefit at the retail end of the supply chain is a given. Being able […]

Putting the ‘User’ in ‘User Requirements Specification’

Ask yourself, why is it called a User Requirements Specification?  The User Requirements Specification (or URS) is the foundation of any serious effort to buy or implement a machine, system, or upgrade.  Somebody, somewhere decided that there is a need in the organization to be met.  More than likely, that decision was made while evaluating […]

User Requirements Specification: Why It’s not a ‘User Wants Specification’

The purpose of a User Requirements Specification is to clearly and specifically document the requirements for the machine, system, or upgrade that you plan to buy or implement (for our purposes, let’s call it a machine).  The User Requirements Specification provides the project manager or engineer with her marching orders. ‘Go get us the machine […]