Chicago is about PACK EXPO 2014, Food…and Sports!

I’m heading to PACK EXPO 2014 soon and am excited to see new technologies and ideas, as well as spending 4 days enjoying great company and the Windy City’s famous restaurants! Whether you believe Chicago got its nickname from the breezes that swirl down the streets from Lake Michigan, or whether you believe it was named for 19th Century politicians widely considered to be full of hot air, the name has become a permanent part of Chicago’s identity.

Chicago is famous for many things, it’s public art, it’s architecture, it’s jazz, and it’s restaurants, as well as simpler things like hot dogs, deep dish pizza, and of course it’s sports teams!

Depending on whether you are a fan of football, baseball, basketball, or hockey you might have your own ideas of the top 20 Sports legends. Here is our list – direct from a long time Chicagoan.

Who would you add?

Michael Jordan            Gale Sayers
Walter Payton              Brian Urlacher
Mike Ditka                   Scottie Pippen
Ernie Banks                  Frank Thomas
Ron Santo                    Phil Jackson
Stan Mikita                  Jeff Reinsdorf
Dick Butkus                 Greg Maddux
Mike Singletary ‘         Refrigerator’ Perry
Harry Caray                 Sammy Sosa
Bobby Hull                  Shoeless Joe Jackson

Don’t forget our Network Gathering is at the Rush Bar and Lounge on Tuesday, November 4 from 5:30 to 7:30.  You’ll find all the info here

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