Why Choose Us

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Over the years, we have developed a strong reputation and enjoy a significant amount of repeat business because we deliver on our promises.

What has made our customers so happy?


We will work with you in a manner that best fits the way you run your business. Whether you want us leading the project or supporting your manager, on your site or in our office, we will provide the level of support appropriate to your needs.


We focus in a few areas – choosing to add a lot of value in just those projects that match our backgrounds. By concentrating in the pharmaceutical, wine, and food & beverage industries, we have become intimate with the regulations, standards and practices that matter.

By becoming experts in just packaging and automation engineering, we have come to know the equipment manufacturers and procedures so that projects go smoothly.


Over the years we have taken care to replicate what works great, anticipate challenges, and continually improve our processes. Our clients have told us that we maintain a unique ability to fit right into the organization – coming up to speed quickly – while tactfully injecting our unbiased perspective in order to lift the outcome beyond expectations.  [Read more]